I got a passport, officer…


It is good time now to check the news, in case u thought bucknutz immigration stories of Gogol Bordello’s first album were a farce.

Heartaches of broken families (letter to mother), illegal border crossing (passport), traumas of dislocation amd deportation, chronicles of nomad life (nomadic chronicle) and it is still has enough of that optimistic enthusiasm to throw a pinch of however black humor of Green Card Husband (marriage crisis). Could u get a Hollywood writer to write a better immigration marriage black humor story?

With dynamic manner of ‘Folsom Prison Blues’-like storytelling that wastes not a syllable to move the heroes’ journey along, Eugene Hutz quickly implanted himself as a new storyteller on the block, turning his sometime faulty English into a playground. Voi-la Intruders him & the cohort certainly were. And turned into Wanderlust Kings they did.

This upcoming tour celebrates the reissue of this art-documentary album, produced by Jim Sclavunous of the Bad Seeds, Cramps, Sonic Youth, the bands that initially inspired Eugene Hutz to seek understanding in New York City.

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