Ukraine: not an outskirt but a centre

This new slogan in support of peaceful Kiev Maidan on my tour guitar in translation literally means: “Ukraine, not an outskirt but a centre.” But full meaning of it comes through only in Ukrainian: “Ukraine is not an outskirt as it is romoured to be, but a centre of new rising consciousness.” Yes, paradoxiacally, “Ukraine”, which is historically and geographically the origin of Russia (see Kievan Rus state), literally means “far corner, or an outskirt”. This confusion perhaps will get straightened out now as people of Ukraine r putting themselves in the avanguarde of positive political consciousness. Is there even a one person who has not been impressed with such a tremendous peaceful actions of Kiev Maidan people and their delicate organization!

Word “Okraina”(outskirt) indeed exists in russians… however it is equally well understood as an “outskirt” by ukrainians, even though it is not part of ukrainian standard official vocabulary. Simply because both languages are closely related and indeed come from the same “drevne-slavjansky”(old east slavic) language. Consequently the compartmentalization of the words and their exact storage adress is entirely artificial and has no real life basis.

Rescheduled Belgian show

Yo, all our party people in Brussels! You know we had to cancel our show in your town due to weather madness, but now we come to you with GOOD news!

The replacement show will take place at the Ancienne Belgique on 7TH MARCH. Original tickets are still valid. More info on the practicalities can be found here.

If you can’t be there, we are adding new dates for 2014 all the time. Stay tuned to our Tour page and check our Facebook for up to the minute info.

cos even punks get cold…

We have some awesome winter deals in our merch store right now. Click here to check out the Winter Bundle Builder the good people at Music Today have put together for us. Save 10% on any two items, 15% on three or more. We’ve just added our brand new Slingshot Beanie and Mishto United scarf – what the fuck you waiting for?!

Brussels show cancelled

Due to stormy weather, and the traffic and transportation problems this causes, Gogol Bordello and their crew got stuck in Denmark. After a long night of traffic mayhem Gogol Bordello hasn’t been able to take the ferry to Germany to continue their journey to Brussels. So they will never make it on time for tonight’s concert at the Ancienne Belgique and unfortunately have to cancel the show.

We’re currently trying to reschedule. Tickets bought for tonight’s show will remain valid if we find a new date. We will inform you about this as soon as possible.

Check out the new video for Lost Innocent World!

We’ve joined forces with MOCAtv to create an awesome new video for Lost Innocent World, currently rocking audiences across Europe on our winter tour. You can watch it via Rolling Stone – tell your friends, and see you somewhere on the road soon…

The Bologna show is sold out – don’t get left out in the cold, get your tickets for the other shows here.

Winter tour, Europe style!

It’s less than 3 weeks till we kick off our big European tour of 2013, and we’re hitting as many cities as possible. If you live in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the UK, don’t wait to book your place at the party – shows are already selling out! Check out the full list of shows on the Tour page and start limbering up.

We’re going to bring our old friends Man Man along for the ride, too, so make sure you get down in time to catch their set. London folks – we know it’s been 3 years  since the whole band stopped by your town, so we’ve added the awesome Congo Natty to the bill. There’s even more news to come with that show – stay tuned.

Full Euro tour dates

Our friends Stateside: we’re having our New Years party in NYC this time around, with a warm-up show on the 30th for those of you who know the best parties are more than one night long. We’ll also be hitting the legendary 9:30 Club in Washington DC on 27th & 28th December – all the info you need is right here.

Monday: Catch Gogol on Arsenio Hall Show!


Today is an epic day for the Gogol Bordello family! Our sixth album – Pura Vida Conspiracy – is finally available almost everywhere in the world. We hope you enjoy our epic new jams!

For those in the USA who like their record collection on the lighter side, you can download your copy from iTunes for only $7.99 – limited time offer!!

Purists should head straight for their friendly local record store to grab a GB wristband with their purchase of PVC. Essential fashion choice of summer 2013!  Again, this is US only. Apologies to our global family.

Speaking of which, we’re playing the tiny Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY tonight. Tickets for this show sold out in seconds, so we’ve organised a live stream for everyone to enjoy. If the time zone is your enemy, we got you covered: EVNTLIVE will play the show again on Wednesday at 3pm EST (8pm GMT, 9pm CET).

We may even be coming to your town very soon. Have you checked our tour dates recently? What are you waiting for?! In the meantime, get your GB fix with a little Lost Innocent World from Jimmy Fallon last week.

We have plenty more surprises to come, so stay tuned.

– GB

Meeting and greeting…

If you didn’t grab a ticket for our Brooklyn show on Tuesday and can’t make the NJ signing either, come on down to Urban Outfitters (628 Broadway) on July 23 for a special in-store performance and PURA VIDA CONSPIRACY vinyl signing session!

Don’t forget there will be a live stream of the show that evening… reserve your free ticket to watch asap!


Did you miss us killing it on Jimmy Fallon last night? No worries, we have you covered…