GB: “Probably the most unique act of the festival.”


Check out this awesome review of our set at the All Points West festival last weekend!

"Gogol Bordello took everyone by surprise. Their Euro-gypsy two step rhythm piqued everyone’s interest, their grimy guitar licks attracted even the purest Tool fan, and their eclectic cast of characters made it hard to look away. They really threw a wrench in the works. Probably the most unique act of the festival. Kudos." , 3 August 2009



Watch as the gypsy punks entertain South American crowds. Plus, see an interview with leading man, Eugene Hutz.

Gogol Bordello’s unique gypsy-punk sound grew out of the immigrant experiences of frontman Eugene Hutz, a Ukranian forced from his home by 1986’s Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Hutz lived in Hungary, Austria, and Italy before settling in New York City and founding the band in 1998.

Since then, Gogol Bordello has achieved a worldwide following, helped in part by Hutz’s boisterous personality and film-noir good looks. Just ask Madonna, who cast him as the lead in her movie Filth and Wisdom.

To join in on the fun, check out two videos of the band, shot by SPIN correspondents in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



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Here is what critics are saying after Gogol Bordello’s electrifying set on the main stage at Coachella…


“I decided that Gogol Bordello are the world’s most perfect festival band!”
-Whitney Pastorek, Entertainment Weekly

“They came, they saw, they conquered. Would we expect anything less?”
-Adrienne Lake, Arizona Daily Star

This hodgepodge of ethnicities and their infectious energy won over
the festival from the main stage. … Eugene Hutz and his acoustic
guitar slapping (think Les Claypool’s hands, but on a six-string) and
waving arms summoned the crowd– which quadrupled in size by the set’s
fourth song. Festivalgoers were literally running toward the stage.

“…memorable performances of the day came from gypsy punk act Gogol Bordello,
which didn’t stop moving the crowd throughout its set on the main stage.”
-Mitchell Peters, Billboard

“Gogol Bordello mashed punk energy with Eastern European modes for a set
that received the wildest reception of any show I saw. Gogol Bordello’s
leader Eugene Hütz introduced one song as “about the lost art of
celebration.” Not at Coachella when inspired lunacy takes over.”
-Jim Fusilli, Wall Street Journal

“Gogol Bordello celebrates sensuality in both words and raucous, joyful
internationalist dance rock — head music took over much of the festival.”
-Ann Powers, Los Angeles Times

“Eugene Hutz easily ranks among the most colorful characters to ever grace
this particular stage.”
-Ben Wener, Orange County Register

“Gogol Bordello’s brand of gypsy funk – featuring violins, accordions and
much more – was a huge success on the Coachella stage during Sunday’s midday
-Wes Woods, The Daily Bulletin

“Rollicking, rambunctious and a ton of fun, Gogol Bordello’s set was one of
the highlights of the festival.”
-Chris Carle and Todd Gilchrist, IGN Entertainment