Bonnaroo superjam!

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Gogol Bordello played at the Tom Waits-tribute Bonnaroo Superjam with Les Claypool and Kirk Hammett of Metallica.


superjam! Superjam!

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“The set of Tom Waits songs performed by Les Claypool, Gogol Bordello and Kirk Hammett played during the Superjam was jaw-dropping. The ability of them to take the songs and make them into something completely new and fresh while infusing enough of each players own personality was musical genius.”
– Jeff Hahne, Creative Loafing

“Did he say “musical penius”? , anyway… here’s a quote for your website: The late night Superjam at Bonarroo with myself, Serge, Yuri, Oren and Eugene from Gogol Bordello was one long musical orgy that climaxed with the appearance of my old high-school pal, Kirk (Hamster) Hammet. The blend of eastern European and western suburban hill-billy was such a potent combination that if the DNA were collected from each member, the combined results could be cloned into a creature that I would imagine to be Viking-like and lanky; endowed with massive hairy testicles that naturally pulsate in a precise and compelling rhythm as it trod’s mercilessly across the earth, fornicating with everything in its path.”
– Les Claypool

You can download the whole set by clicking here