Fire on Ice Floe

Enjoy #Solidaritine! We gave it all. Let the work talk. Co-produced by Walter Schreifels. Massive respect to Gogol Familia trooper Alison Clarke/ Cliqmo Photography for makin such fun vid happen in no time and our friend James Kochalka chiming in with brilliant animation. Stand by foe more collabs with JK #gangsofvt Let the Sea otter ?, the most energetic animals on the planet, be the GB mascot ???????????????? extra special shout out to Ari Contreras for animation production and makin it happen asap.
Produced, Directed & Edited by Alison Clarke / Cliqmo Photography
Shot by Sam Hailey, Sergio Angot & David James Watson via Hiten Media
Animation by James Kochalka
Animation Production by Ari Contreras
Recorded at Tank Recording Studio
Mixed at Rift Studios with Tom Gardner


Gogol Bordello’s new album is out NOW. Enjoy, we gave it all. Let the effort talk now.

Buy and Stream HERE

Take Only What You Can Carry

“Take Only What You Can Carry” encapsulates emotional message of uprooted people whose lives were destroyed by this fucked up war in Ukraine. The idea was to bring 3 very different Ukrainian artists together responding to the situation ASAP. Oleksandra Zaritska of Ukrainian synth pop group KAZKA brings cathartic justice to lyrics of Сергій Жадан [офіційна сторінка], a punk rocker and Nobel Prize nominated writer and poet from hard-fighting city of Kharkiv. Translated into English by great Virlana Tkacz and me. We’ve never used someone else’s poetry before, but this is coming out of exceptional on all levels and I’m very proud of this collaboration.
Shot and directed by Sereja Tkachenko
dop Jake Christopher
1ac George Alvarez
1ad Yehor Tkachenko
MUAH Alexandra Nesterchuk
producer Valeria Rudenko/ Ira Velychenko
Extra special thank you to Razom for Ukraine, Walter Schreifels, and all participants on such a short notice.
All Ukrainian made.
Watch the full video, stream the full song, and preorder SOLIDARITINE, Gogol Bordello’s new album:

New Fall Tour Announced

May this be your punky uplift above all troubles of our times. Gogol Bordello will be hitting the road in support of the new album, SOLIDARITINE, this fall. Presale tickets will be available starting Wed, July 20 at 10am local venue time: 

Oct 20 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls Theatre
Oct 21 Columbus, OH – KEMBA Live!
Oct 22 Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s
Oct 23 Waukegan, IL – The Genesee Theatre
Oct 25 Fayetteville, AR – JJ’s Live*
Oct 26 Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom
Oct 28 Dallas, TX – Granada Theater
Oct 29 San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theatre
Oct 31 Albuquerque, NM – El Rey Theatre
Nov 01 Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theater
Nov 03 Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory Santa Ana
Nov 04 San Diego, CA – The Observatory North Park
Nov 05 Ventura, CA – Majestic Ventura Theater
Nov 07 Los Angeles, CA – Belasco Theater
Nov 09 San Luis Obispo, CA – Fremont Theater
Nov 10 San Francisco, CA – The Warfield
Nov 12 Portland, OR – Revolution Hall
Nov 13 Vancouver, BC – The Commodore Ballroom
Nov 14 Seattle, WA – Neptune Theatre

Tickets go on sale Fri, July 22 at 10am local venue time at

*No presale

New Album Announced

May this be your punky uplift above all troubles of our times.

Gogol Bordello’s new album, SOLIDARITINE, will be out September 16, and is available for pre-order now:

Check out the new song “Focus Coin” – listen and watch the visualizer video now:

The seven piece of mixed heritage from locations such as Ukraine, Ecuador, and Russia have consistently riled up audiences with an inimitable patchwork of punk, gypsy, dub, folk, Latin swing, and Eastern European magic. With the more hardcore leanings of SOLIDARITINE, the sense of urgency and a fresh bolt of energy returns the band to their incendiary beginnings while keeping their agit prop leanings front and center. Tapping New York underground icon Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Rival Schools, Quicksand) for the producer seat, Gogol dove deep into the studio and emerged with a album rife with the insurgent sound of survival. “The album is really about uniting the people of goodwill,” he reveals. “Releasing any kind of art that doesn’t address the situation in Ukraine right now would be pretty despicable.”

1. Shot of Solidaritine
2. Focus Coin
3. Blueprint
4. The Era of the End of Eras (feat. HR)
5. I’m Coming Out
6. Knack For Life
7. The Great Hunt of Idiot Savant
8. Take Only What You Can Carry (feat. KAZKA)
9. My Imaginary Son
10. Forces of Victory (feat. Serhiy Zhadan and KAZKA)
11. Fire On Ice Floe
12. Gut Guidance
13. Huckleberry Generation

Forces of Victory


Listen to Gogol Bordello’s new song, “Forces of Victory.” Three strong and very diverse Ukrainian musical voices join together on this track: Gogol Bordello, featuring performances by the legendary poet and punk-rocker Serhiy Zhadan, and ethno-synth-pop sensation Kazka, who are both from hard-fighting city of Kharkiv. This is a message of inspiration and support to defenders of Ukraine, whose integrity and righteous fierceness has been indisputable and reflected by these vigorous creative forces.

“Forces of Victory” is streaming now on all digital platforms:

The manta-like chorus translates as:
“Just when it seems I can no longer go on
That is exactly how I know that I will make it
I know it’s exactly how the forces of victory awaken deep within
When you are half way through… ”

“Forces of Victory” is also a lead track of compilation Artdopomoga Vol 2 which features Ukrainian artists reacting to war (produced by Ivan Derbastler):

Watch “Forces of Victory” video here:

Performed by: Gogol Bordello feat. Serhiy Zhadan & Kazka
Directed by: Oleg Rooz Additional camera by: Victoria Espinoza , Anthony Strahan, Bradley Johnson
“Forces of Victory” courtesy of SideOneDummy Records
Produced by: Victor Van Vught and Eugene Hutz
Mixing by: Tom Gardner at Rift Studios, Brooklyn, NY in collaboration with Walter Schreifels and Eugene Hutz
Mastered by: Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY
Photos by: Andriy Dubchak

Teroborona Official Video

Teroborona is a term for Civil Defence Units formed of civilians who stood up to protect Ukraine. Many of my artist and musicians friends had to pick up arms and join Teroborona. This is a dedication to their courage and to the courage of all defenders. The song is rooted in Ukrainian traditional dance “Arkan”, one of true Ukrainian Hutzul spirit. All proceeds will go to Ukraine relief.

Lyrics feature shout outs to specific units of Teroborona in various Towns olin Ukraine.

Video is produced by creators of “Kinodopomoga” Youtube channel.

It is also the opening track of the compilation “Artdopomoga” (Supportive Arts) featuring current Ukrainian artists responding to the Invasion. Produced by Ivan Derbastler. For more info:


Ukrainian musicians come together for ‘Artdopomoga Ukraine Vol.1’, the Ukrainian volunteer resource, has released its first compilation!

‘Artdopomoga Ukraine Vol.1’ (2022) includes a new Gogol Bordello track ‘Teroborona (Civil Defense)’, which was recorded in the early days of the war.

Also featured is Mandry’s ‘Towers’, recorded on a phone during combat duty in defence of Kyiv.

The compilation includes unique material from legendary bands of the Ukrainian indie scene: Dakhabrakha, Dakh Daughters, Grozovska Band, Hudaki Village Band, Mama Diaspora, Perkalaba, all created during Ukraine’s struggle Ukraine for freedom and independence. It was compiled, curated and mastered by Derbastler, with cover art by Oleksii Ovchinnikov.

All proceeds from the release will be used to support Ukraine. Get yours here.

London Show Announced

Turn your Adrenaline into maximum #Solidaritine LONDON

Gogol Bordello returns to London for a very special show on Saturday, July 16 at Electric Brixton. As the final show of the European tour, £5 of each ticket purchased will be donated to’s Ukrainian Crisis Response.

Presale tickets will be available starting Tuesday, May 10 at 10am BST: Tickets go on sale Wednesday, May 11 at 10am BST.

GB has also teamed up with Cauze, who will collect proceeds from the tour to donate to the Ukrainian Crisis Response, as well. For more info:


Zelensky: The Man With the Iron Balls

On the night of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Les Claypool of Primus and Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello began collaborating on a joint release to rally support for the Ukrainian people. Premiered today via Rolling Stone and irreverently titled “Zelensky: The Man With the Iron Balls,” the track also features Stewart Copeland, Sean Lennon, Billy Strings, and Sergey Ryabtsev. Proceeds from the sale of the single will be donated to Nova Ukraine, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

“As soon as Russian aggression broke out, Les and I connected to address the catastrophe ASAP,” recalls Hütz, a Ukrainian native. “We jumped on creating affirmative music that calls for unity and pays respect to the real doers in Ukrainian defense – such as President Zelensky, who demonstrated previously unheard-of stamina and heroism.”

“The night of the invasion, I was dining with close friends of mine from Poland who were hosting their family visiting the US from their town, which is 50 kilometers from the Ukraine border,” Claypool adds. “Needless to say, they were stressed and concerned about what was happening in their homeland. After a few vodka shots of solidarity, I started texting with my buddy Eugene from Gogol Bordello to get his perspective and insight. In that vodka-laced dialogue, we started mutually praising Zelensky for his surprisingly epic display of courage. ‘Zelensky has balls of steel!’ we agreed. It was then that we decided that some freaky, ‘East meets West’ art needed to be thrown that way.”

“After a couple weeks of file trading with Sean Lennon, Stewart Copeland, Eugene Hütz, and Sergey Ryabtsev, a visit to my studio by my buddy Billy Strings, as well as some enthusiastic rhythmic claps from local supporters of Ukraine, we now have a recording to help rally support for a bullied country and a David vs. Goliath-type man who stood up for their liberty, freedom and homeland.”

Hütz points out: “The reoccurring chant in the song, ‘Revolution of Dignity,’ honors the 2014 Maidan Revolution, which resulted in the removal of Ukraine’s pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych and lead to Russia’s military intervention against the people of Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea and the start of the Donbas War – part of the broader Russo-Ukrainian War. It is our way to show that heavyweights like Les, Stewart, Billy and Sean stand with people of Ukraine and the country’s sovereignty from the very start of Russian-led terror.”

“This is not intended to be a song of condemnation,” Claypool says. “This is a song of unity and anti-bully mentality, giving praise to a man who stepped up for his people beyond anything I’ve seen in my tenure on this planet. This unlikely fellow has grabbed the reins of leadership and held fast in such a way that the world is now galvanized in support. His legendary quote ‘We need ammunition, not a ride’ – Patrick Henry couldn’t have said it better himself. Zelensky is truly ‘The Man With the Iron Balls.’”

Stream the track on all platforms HERE

Watch video HERE

“Zelensky: The Man With the Iron Balls”
Les Claypool – bass and vocals
Stewart Copeland – percussion
Eugene Hütz – vocals
Sean Lennon – guitar and vocals
Sergey Ryabtsev – violin
Billy Strings – guitar