Today is an epic day for the Gogol Bordello family! Our sixth album – Pura Vida Conspiracy – is finally available almost everywhere in the world. We hope you enjoy our epic new jams!

For those in the USA who like their record collection on the lighter side, you can download your copy from iTunes for only $7.99 – limited time offer!!

Purists should head straight for their friendly local record store to grab a GB wristband with their purchase of PVC. Essential fashion choice of summer 2013!  Again, this is US only. Apologies to our global family.

Speaking of which, we’re playing the tiny Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY tonight. Tickets for this show sold out in seconds, so we’ve organised a live stream for everyone to enjoy. If the time zone is your enemy, we got you covered: EVNTLIVE will play the show again on Wednesday at 3pm EST (8pm GMT, 9pm CET).

We may even be coming to your town very soon. Have you checked our tour dates recently? What are you waiting for?! In the meantime, get your GB fix with a little Lost Innocent World from Jimmy Fallon last week.

We have plenty more surprises to come, so stay tuned.

– GB