Did somebody ask where is Yuri? He is drinking with Pasha!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this news edition will be educational for all u long standing fans of GB.

Our beloved and heroic accordionist Yuri Lemeshev, whose unique and incredibly surrealistic way of playing had brought so much to the evolution of GB, for many years has been planning a tribute album for his favourite composer, Alfred Schnittke. Yuri is planning to work on it with one of GB’s favourite producers, and perhaps welcome some guest spots by GB members and many more.

This is going to be a massive project for him and require some time off the road. That is why for the time being he will be replaced by a hand-picked Belarusian accordionist named Pasha Newmerzhitsky, who also currently moved to New York city.

Even though there are number of accordionists ready to rock in GB, Yuri and GB were only satisfied with Pasha taking his place. After spending several months playing with Pasha and watching him rehearse with the band, and yes, drinking too… Yuri gave his confirmation: “This motherfucka is worthy, all right.”

Pasha had a tough cross-examination, but his impeccable virtuosity in combination with “total freeroaming raspizdjaiski” spirit according to Hutz, won him both the band’s and Yuri’s recognition.

It is undecided when Yuri’s solo album production will start. But one thing’s for sure: on stage, Gogol Bordello every time will have at least one badass accordion player since, as Hutz reports, “accordion remains, and forever will be, my favourite melodic instrument.”

Certified GB historian, Axolotl Jo