Welcome to the new Gogol site!

Dear friends of GB and music lovers world wide

your love and support is always a big rewarding treasure for all of us in GB.

We know that the energy and creativity we display onstage goes long way into good energy exchange between us. Our concerts are unthinkable without your cathartic participation, and you know that our songs are pointed to creating a sense of positive community first of all.

Naturally, things such as website are also unthinkable without enthusiastic souls like Alison Clarke, who has been running it out of London. And now more so than ever. go check out new updated version of website that she mastered in between of  hundreds of gb shows she’ve seen. i have no idea where she finds the time!  From a first second it already feels like it is much easier to see the light of the day and find what u need here!

Thank you Alison and Dave for your kind and inspiring work!

Party Love Respect!
Eugene and GB