Trans-Continental Release Extraviganza Enkore! THE PARTY IS ON!

Now on bordello…the PARTY is on!

This weekend we unite the world under one banner, and that banner says PARTY!

If you missed the Epik Brooklyn Bowl Blowout webcast

Then join the Trans-Continental Party-Thon!

Wire up the Wifi, fire up the Facebook,invite your f amilia over, and join the Global Party when we re-run the webcast back to back in Every Time Zone Worldwide all weekend long.

While you watch the Gogol Party-Thon webcast, stream your own Gogol inspired party through Livestream.

Launch your party channel here, and connekt with other parties via the Facebook Chat!

The Trans-Continental Party-Thon starts Thursday 5/27 at 6PM GMT and runs back to back all weekend until Monday 5/31 at Midnight GMT.

RSVP via Facebook Here