Dear Gogol B appreciators world-wide yo…

Dear Gogol B appreciators world-wide yo,
I’m here with Alison Clarke, who has so selflessly and brilliantly ran our websight dimention all these years.
(Turbo maximum respect!!!!)
Well, we r on tour in Europe, GB show is on the road and in full swing…. and, yes simultaneously between shows still fixing this 23 century hot dog stand, our new websight.
Finally there are technological advantages like language translator, but have some mercy on the growing pains yo.
At the moment the websight is still basicly work in progress. Not a manifesto. if all our activities would be just about web design, i assure you, it would be already full on bonfire-bonanza with all yo happy babies talking big ups to Alison and the family.
But making records and playing our hearts out every night is what we actually do primarily. So lets think of Faith and Mercy. We r on it.
Respectus and Fiestus Maximum.
Eugene and Alison.