Surprise … Gogol Summer Evacuation Continues

Against all odds Gogol is shipping off again for another round of hero inspiring music visiting exotic locales and far off places. And keep the sake warm as we are coming back to Japan for a second go around. It all kicks off this Sunday at the Mile High Music Festival where the nice people at Spin called Gogol one of the 5 “must-hear bands” this weekend. The US leg will end with the Gogol’s first Jersey City gig on the main stage at All Points West. And we look forward to everything else along the way (yes Tulsa … We are looking at you).

Large thanks and maximum appreciation to all who came out to party with us on our last tour. We love you too.

Keep kicking around on the tour dates page as we will be announcing the turbo charged “Axis Mundi Tour” soon so if we are not coming close to you this time … We will be soon.

Mama Diaspora does Twitter
Respect to the imitators but Eugene has made Twitter his own propaganda machine. Be the first on your block to get after party plans and wisdom from our fearless leader … Get on that shit today here:

That Pesky Sally Contest
We loved it all. Seriously. You are all a bunch of talented peoples and we’ve had a hard time choosing. But we are and will post the results soon.

AND ALL OF YOU FOLKS WITH THE CAMERAS … SEND US YOUR FAVORITE GOGOL LIVE PICTURES. We are working on the booklet and would love more photos to choose from … If we pick yours … We will send you an autographed copy. Or Yuri will come play frisbee with you. Serious.