Sneak Preview of the Pura Vida Conspiracy!

There’s only one week until PURA VIDA CONSPIRACY reveals itself… if you can’t wait to hear our new jams, we’re offering a free stream via Pitchfork!

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Last few tix for July 23 PURA VIDA CONSPIRACY release-day show in Brooklyn go on sale today at 12 EDT! Don’t miss out, this will be a super intimate night to celebrate the unveiling of our new master work… Get your tickets here!


After some epic travels around Europe over the last month, we’re taking the briefest of breathers before heading back out on our second US tour of 2013.

Our last visit to Brooklyn had to be canceled due to some seriously scary weather, but this time there isn’t any stopping us… today we announce that we’ll be at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 23, which also happens to be the very same day our new record Pura Vida Conspiracy reveals itself.

So how about it, NYC? Are you ready to come party with us and celebrate this special occasion?

Tickets are on sale to familia in the know tomorrow at 10am local time. If you’re not in NY or surrounds, check out the rest of the dates we have posted… more yet to come.

In the meantime, we’re offering some amazing pre-order deals via our online shop. Get ready for the end of endarkenment!

Larry & Friends needs your help

Check out this awesome Kickstarter project and support if you can… there’s a familiar face in the mix!

“Larry and Friends is a story about immigration, friendship, love, and kindness, that celebrates diversity and support tolerance.”

Let’s make it happen, friends!


The Rolling Stone familia is featuring the first of a four part short films about Pura Vida Conspiracy… Check it out in the now! The film follows the band to the first gigs on the Pura Vida Conspiracy world tour in Portugal last month and was filmed and directed by our longtime friend Nate Pommer. Chek it!

Rolling Stone – Gogol Bordello Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Pura Vida Conspiracy’

GB comin’ to GB

What’s up, UK? We’re playing at Download festival later today, but if you can’t be there we’ll be back this winter to bring you the Pura Vida message in full.

8th Dec: Norwich – Nick Rayns LCR
9th Dec: Bristol – O2 Academy
11th Dec: Leeds – O2 Academy
13th Dec: London – Brixton Academy
14th Dec: Manchester – Academy
15th Dec: Glasgow – O2 Academy

Tix on sale Friday!


We’ve just posted a ton of new tour dates in the US and Canada… and to celebrate this epic trek, we’re giving away our new song MALANDRINO totally free! Click here to claim your own MP3. Get ready to sing along with us at a show near you

Did somebody ask where is Yuri? He is drinking with Pasha!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this news edition will be educational for all u long standing fans of GB.

Our beloved and heroic accordionist Yuri Lemeshev, whose unique and incredibly surrealistic way of playing had brought so much to the evolution of GB, for many years has been planning a tribute album for his favourite composer, Alfred Schnittke. Yuri is planning to work on it with one of GB’s favourite producers, and perhaps welcome some guest spots by GB members and many more.

This is going to be a massive project for him and require some time off the road. That is why for the time being he will be replaced by a hand-picked Belarusian accordionist named Pasha Newmerzhitsky, who also currently moved to New York city.

Even though there are number of accordionists ready to rock in GB, Yuri and GB were only satisfied with Pasha taking his place. After spending several months playing with Pasha and watching him rehearse with the band, and yes, drinking too… Yuri gave his confirmation: “This motherfucka is worthy, all right.”

Pasha had a tough cross-examination, but his impeccable virtuosity in combination with “total freeroaming raspizdjaiski” spirit according to Hutz, won him both the band’s and Yuri’s recognition.

It is undecided when Yuri’s solo album production will start. But one thing’s for sure: on stage, Gogol Bordello every time will have at least one badass accordion player since, as Hutz reports, “accordion remains, and forever will be, my favourite melodic instrument.”

Certified GB historian, Axolotl Jo

Malandrino available for all

In preparation for the July 23rd release of our latest epic, Pura Vida Conspiracy, we are sharing just a sample of what’s to come with our global family. Click here to listen to Malandrino right now… Party!

Eugene creates playlist for Songlines magazine

This month tastemaker Hutz gives the UK’s Songlines mag a little playlist, featuring: fresh from Ukraine, Kozak System; sexy Kapelle Bollberg, produced by David Bourgnion, a drummer of Manu Chao and Radio Bemba; and his favorite “Brazilian Drama King” Seu Jorge doing a Kraftwerk cover. You can pick up the magazine now throughout the UK, or order a copy at their website.