Yo everybody worldwide – Wonderlust Kingdom is live! Since the beginning, GB has been more than just a band; we’ve been a thriving community pushing the boundaries of creativity beyond the constraints of record industry limitations. Wonderlust Kingdom is our new way to share GBs indomitable creative output directly with you!

Sign up and stay on the beat with the Gogol Crew where we can engage with you, our community, and share exclusive music, collaborations, and more! We enjoy and thrive on our close relationships and collaborations with our extended family of artists and fans worldwide and this new platform will bring us closer together. We believe at its core the healing joy of the communal experience might be music’s ultimate purpose – let’s embark on this journey together!






WONDERLUST KINGDOM members get access to:


WONDERLUST KINGDOM TEE-SHIRT – Included with your membership is the exclusive t-shirt designed by Eugene which members are encouraged to wear to shows, meet-ups and other events.


EARLY ACCESS TO VENUES – Wonderlust Kingdom members are entitled to early access to venues (15 minutes before general admission) on the Casa Gogol Tour to enjoy company of other club members in an atmosphere of pre selected by Gogol Bordello music and company.  *This is separate from the Casa Gogol VIP


SECRET SHOWS AND EVENTS – Special access to secret shows and Casa Gogol events


UNRELEASED SONGS – This includes new and unreleased songs (long before they are available to the public), rare demos, live concerts 


EXCLUSIVE VIDEOSNever before seen footage from live shows, behind the scenes, and anything Gogol. Currently you can watch a Q&A with Eugene, “Think Locally Fuck Globally” from Riot Fest 2022 & a stripped down version of “Sun On My Side” from 2017 @ The Fonda. There is a lot more of this!!!


EXCLUSIVE LIVE STREAMS/VIDEOS – We will connect with you on Live Streams, whether it’s live shows, a Q&A, and more


BLOG – We will update with musings from the band, including photos, our thoughts and stories about the music, a look into the studio, and beyond


COMMUNITY AND CHAT – Chat with band members and the Wonderlust Kingdom community. Beyond all the content and swag and events, the main purpose of Wonderlust Kingdom is to continue to build our community – deeper than what we can find on social media and bridge the gap between artist and fan

Exclusive Wonderlust Kingdom t-shirt free with signup!


Join now for $10 a month OR $100 per year. You can cancel anytime. All transactions are done through Stripe, the most secure credit card platform in the world. 


We start now. We’ve been thinking about building our own portal into the incredible world of Gogol Bordello for a long time and we are so excited we finally have it. We can’t wait to see you over there!



Europe ‘24 Tour







Fri, Jul 19th '24

Jarocin, Poland


Jarocin Festiwal 2024

Sat, Jul 20th '24

Berlin, Germany



Mon, Jul 22nd '24

Uppsala, Sweden



Tue, Jul 23rd '24

Oslo, Norway



Wed, Jul 24th '24

Malmö, Sweden


Plan B

Thu, Jul 25th '24
to Sun, Jul 28th '24

Malmesbury, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Womad Festival

Sun, Jul 28th '24

Leeds, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Project House

Tue, Jul 30th '24

Belfast, United Kingdom

United Kingdom


Wed, Jul 31st '24

Dublin, Ireland



Fri, Aug 2nd '24

Blackpool, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Rebellion 2024

Fri, Aug 30th '24

Birmingham, AL, United States

United States

Iron City

Sat, Aug 31st '24

Cookeville, TN, United States

United States

Muddy Roots

Sun, Sep 1st '24

Asheville, NC, United States

United States

The Orange Peel

Tue, Sep 3rd '24

Charleston, SC, United States

United States

Music Farm

Wed, Sep 4th '24

Virginia Beach, VA, United States

United States

Elevation 27

Fri, Sep 6th '24

Charlottesville, VA, United States

United States

Jefferson Theater

Sat, Sep 7th '24

Wilmington, DE, United States

United States

The Queen

Sun, Sep 8th '24

Harrisburg, PA, United States

United States

XL Live

Tue, Sep 10th '24

Albany, NY, United States

United States

Empire Live

Wed, Sep 11th '24

Huntington, NY, United States

United States

The Paramount

Fri, Sep 13th '24

New Haven, CT, United States

United States

Toad’s Place

Sat, Sep 14th '24

Providence, RI, United States

United States

The Strand

Sun, Sep 15th '24

Asbury Park, NJ, United States

United States


Fri, Nov 1st '24

Boston, MA, United States

United States

Sat, Nov 2nd '24

Boston, MA, United States

United States




Erica Mancini

Accordion, Back Vocals


Pedro Erazo

Vocals, Percussion, Charango, Marimba


Leo Mintek

Guitar, Back Vocals


Gill Alexandre



Eugene Hütz

Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion


Sergey Ryabtsev

Violin, Back Vocals


Korey Kingston

Drums, Percussion




Global Familia

Local Familia