A little vacation time.

Since May 2009, GB have played almost 300 shows in 36 countries and have taken a grand total of five months off touring. Aside from the FL show currently listed on the tour page, it’s time for a very well-earned break. Thanks to everyone for their constant support!


Hurricane Irene

Due to hurricane status and states of emergencies our appearance at the DMBCaravan on Sunday has been postponed. We will announce more information as it becomes available. Until then stay dry, be safe and party.

Set times for the DMB Caravan shows

Coming to see GB at the Dave Matthews Band Caravan shows? Then you’ll need the set times to make sure you don’t miss a second of the party! Here’s the info:

Sun, August 28th ’11 – Governor’s Island, New York, NY – 6-7pm on the Highlander Stage.
Fri, September 2nd ’11 – The Gorge, George, WA – 7-8pm on the Meadow Stage.

If you haven’t got your tickets already, what the hell are you waiting for?!

Show added in Orlando, FL

We know our Florida familia have been feeling neglected, so we’ve added a show in Orlando in November. All details are on the Tour page. See you there!

Oberhausen show moved

If you were planning on coming to the Oberhausen show on 2nd August, please note that it has been moved to Bochum and will take place at the Matrix. Sorry for the late change!

NPR Music webcast from Newport Folk Festival!

Can’t make it to GB’s July 30th show at the legendary Newport Folk Festival? Thanks to our friends at NPR Music, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! You will be able to catch the show via webcast by visiting npr.org/newportfolk. Make sure you follow @allsongs and @blogsupreme on Twitter for on-the-scene reports and commentary. If that’s not enough for you, there will also be festival coverage through the NPR Music Tumblr page at nprmusic@tumblr.com.

NPR Music, together with WFUV, Folk Alley and mvyradio, will videowebcast and broadcast from all three stages at the Folk Festival on July 30-31 from 11:30AM to 7:30PM (ET).


In case anyone coming to the Rock In Summer festival in Warsaw didn’t already know, the festival organisers made the decision to move all the shows to Stodola. See you there!


Hello Gogol Familia!

Here’s all the legit info you need to know for Saturday’s Global Gypsy Punk Review at Bonnaroo… We shall be partying all day and night with full multi-kulti flavor.

Things will be getting started in THE OTHER TENT on Saturday at 12:45 PM and ending with massive Gogol Bordello set starting at 2:00 AM!!!

ALL DAY LONG – DJ sets from DJ HUTZ and DJ DUBTA and collaborations and a surprize or two

Here is Eugene’s run down of the sched…

12:45 PM  – HANGGAI
Discovered through our friends from NPR, Hanggai brings Mongolian throat singing and rhythms with punk. This long expected evolutionary process is a long time coming. They bring cultural politics with punk attitude which makes Hanngai a legitimate member of extended gypsy punk familia. Because of having a chinese member in Gogol Bordello we were always in tune with that particular hood and are especially excited to introduce this example of Chinese and Mongolian counter culture

The great thing about Forro in the Dark is they make modern day music out of the wild side of Brazilian Folk., something that see’s no export from Brazil but something that is a foundation of its authentic flamboyance. Great grooves and instrumentationalism that caught attention of David Bryne, Chilli Peppers, Radiohead and others.

3:45-4:45 PM – JOVANOTTI
Jovanotti has been shaking up things in european scene with multi kulti hip hop for years, bringing elements of European and mediterranean ethnical sounds and infusing them with everything great hip hop has to offer. Even after achieving super stardom in Italy , he still continues to bring street credible infectious music everywhere he goes.

5:15–6:30 PM – DEVOTCHKA
Devotchka has been representing the All Americana brand of Gypsy Punk for a long time. Their powerful artistic sensibilities and song writing craftsmanship has been turning a lot of ears. Just as the other bands on the stage are coming to America as strangers, Devotchka are one of the rare American bands that look outwards  internationally, do not play it safe and will be an Oasis of delicate beauty within this stage line up.

Just one thing to say – FREAK OUT!

12:30 – 1:30 AM – OMAR SOULEYMAN
Omar has appeared on indie scene like a meteor. Even those inexperienced in middle eastern music responded to his manic energy and hardcore Arabic dancehall. Souleyman’s music will keep you in a special groove in between full balls out carthasis and primitive buckwild electronica. Musician of unending power, Omar has rocked over thousands of parties and released over 500 fucking albums!

Here, I wanna think Bonaroo for not only hosting us for third time but also letting us bring our friends and international gypsy punk familia. Me and GB family will close down the party like you have never fucking seen before.

See you there!

Welcome to the new Gogol site!

Dear friends of GB and music lovers world wide

your love and support is always a big rewarding treasure for all of us in GB.

We know that the energy and creativity we display onstage goes long way into good energy exchange between us. Our concerts are unthinkable without your cathartic participation, and you know that our songs are pointed to creating a sense of positive community first of all.

Naturally, things such as website are also unthinkable without enthusiastic souls like Alison Clarke, who has been running it out of London. And now more so than ever. go check out new updated version of website that she mastered in between of  hundreds of gb shows she’ve seen. i have no idea where she finds the time!  From a first second it already feels like it is much easier to see the light of the day and find what u need here!

Thank you Alison and Dave for your kind and inspiring work!

Party Love Respect!
Eugene and GB