Eugene on WRAS

Tune into radio station WRAS on Friday 30th to hear Eugene speak for the SW Amnesty International Conference! You’ll be able to hear his interview around 5pm, but if you miss it or live outside the US, don’t worry: there will be a podcast version to download later. We’ll post details as soon as we have them…


Notice for Argentinean fans: the only CONFIRMED gig GB will play in Argentina is at Pepsi Music Festival, 8th November!


VENUE CHANGE! The show in Guadalajara, MX on 18th November will now be held at THE FORO EXPO.

EXTRA GIGS! We’ll be hitting Rio and Sao Paulo next month. More info here.


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Tommy T’s The Prester John Sessions album is now available exclusively at iTunes. Click here to order it there. If you like it, please rate it highly and post a review.

You can also pre-order the album through the Easy Star webstore, along with an exclusive tee shirt. If you pre-order, you will still be able to download the album shortly (within days) so you won’t have to wait to hear it. Plus, you will be entered into a contest with a chance to win a backstage hang with Tommy at an upcoming Gogol Bordello show (along with other prizes).


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For the past few years, Tommy T has been touring the world as the bass player of gypsy punk powerhouse Gogol Bordello. He was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, before moving to Washington, DC, and becoming an integral part of the celebrated Ethiopian musical scene there. In between tours with Gogol, Tommy, along with some other great Ethiopian musicians, recorded The Prester John Sessions. The resulting record is a mesmerizing excursion into the music and culture of Ethiopia, touching on Ethiopian funk, dub, roots and jazz. Plus, it has bonus remix featuring Eugene Hutz and Pedro Erazo from Gogol Bordello and mixed by Michael G of the Easy Star All-Stars. This record will be available exclusively on iTunes starting October 13, then released in full November 10, but you can pre-order your copy now by clicking the banner above.

* The first 100 CDs will be signed by Tommy T
* Don’t wait until the release date to hear it! Downloads of the album will be available to all customers starting October 13, regardless of whether you order a physical CD or a digital download.
* Chance to hang backstage at a Gogol Bordello show with Tommy!

Every order gets you a chance to win the following:

* 3 Grand Prizes: A pair of tickets to an upcoming Gogol Bordello show, along with a meet and greet by Tommy T and a chance to hang backstage. Winners also receive a complete set of Easy Star CDs (15 CDs total) and an Easy Star Records tee shirt.
* 3 Runners Up: 10 Easy Star Records CDs and an Easy Star Records tee shirt.

In addition, you can also pre-order a tee shirt designed around the striking cover art of this release. It’s available in a men’s tee or a women’s tee, so pick your style, and wear it proudly. When bought with a CD, it’s only $25 for the whole bundle.

Pre-order your copy here!


It’s been a while, but GB haven’t forgotten NYC. There’s going to be three shows at the end of December, so check the tour page for more info and the pre-sale (which starts TODAY)!

GB IN Clarín!

Gogol were featured in Argentina’s Clarín newspaper on Friday. Click to enlarge the images and read the full article.



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In the lead-up to releasing his debut solo work (The Prester John Sessions, on sale exclusively via iTunes on October 13, with the wide release at traditional retail outlets everywhere on November 10), Tommy T has been interviewed by See Magazine, the Winnipeg Free Press and Uptown Magazine. Click the links to read the full articles!

* See Magazine
* Winnipeg Free Press
* Uptown Magazine



If you missed out on the Sideonedummy offer, here’s your chance to pick up an exclusive GB t-shirt when you pre-order Live from Axis Mundi (released 6th October in the US/5th elsewhere).

Axis Mundi offer

Want to see Gogol Bordello Non-Stop?


Magarita Jimeno’s film about Gogol Bordello is showing in all these places!

Austin TX – Alamo Drafthouse, September 21-28
New Orleans LA – Zeitgeist, September 25-October 4
Winnipeg MB – Big Smash! with Lo Pub and the Winnipeg Folk Festival, October 2
Minneapolis MN – Sound Unseen at the Cedar Cultural Center, October 4
Providence RI – Cable Car, October 4-8
Boise ID – Egyptian Theatre, October 14
Jacksonville FL – Museum of Contemporary Art, October 15
Tempe AZ – Madcap, October 22
Columbia MO – The Ragtag, October 23-26
Wichita KS – Tallgrass Film Festival, October 23-25
Cleveland OH – Cleveland Museum of Art, December 2

Rest of the world
Raindance Film Festival, London (Premiere), England October 8th

Bergen Film festival, Bergen, Norway (Premiere)

Shoot me Film Festival, The Hague, The Netherlands

Easternxpress Film Festival, Uppsala, Sweden October 3rd

Balkan Sunflowers, Rolling Film festival Prishtina, Kosovo

Kiev International Film festival, Molodist, Kiev Ukrania