Watch Tommy T live clips at Indie Music for Haiti

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Indie Music for Haiti

On February 2nd 2010, some of Washington, DC’s finest indie bands gathered together to make music on behalf of Voice Of Haiti, a charity that’s been working for years to foster sustainable development in the country.  When the smoke cleared and all the donations were counted, thousands had been raised for the charity — and a new movement was born: Indie Music for Haiti.

All of the artists who appeared that night agreed to have their performances filmed for placement on this site — and by doing so, they became the anchor tenants of a new online community bringing independent musicians and their fans together to help a devastated nation.

Head to Indie Music for Haiti to watch exclusive live clips of GB’s own Tommy T performing his solo work with the Abyssinian Roots Collective.

" We were honored to be part of this event, where great musicians came together to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti in their time of need. They say music heals all wounds and uplifts the soul. We hope our little effort will do just that, and — through the power of the Internet — perhaps even go a bit further, to raise badly needed funds for the people of Haiti. If you like what you hear, please donate what you can at ." – Tommy T and ARC